Analyticalways plans to launch in Europe, with France to be the first conquest.

The company currently operates in Spain, South America and Israel and plans to open offices in Italy, UK and France during this year, where it already has a commercial presence.

Analyticalways is committed to their plan to expand internationally. The company is dedicated to its objective to simplify stock management for retailers of all scales and has had brilliant success within their current impressive portfolio of customers. They are undertaking the expansion into the Europe, specifically France, Italy, and the UK with confidence and consideration.    

At present, the company already has a commercial agent in the French market, where it plans to launch an office in the coming months. As explained by Amancio Junior, co-founder and CEO of Analyticalways, at, the group will replicate the same strategy in Italy and the United Kingdom throughout 2018.

The company’s plans are also landing in new European markets such as Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. «From the beginning we have been a company with a global vocation» explained Amancio Junior.

The group has been led by Amancio Junior since 2013. Before undertaking this role, the Brazilian-born executive, trained in information systems, working for companies such as Citytime, QConsulting and M. Officer.

Analyticalways works with companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Sephora, and Pandora. The solution specialises in predictive analysis to manage stock in stores quickly and more efficiently.

«Due to the nature of omnichannel retailing, everything is becoming faster and more complex, efficiency has become increasingly essential; intuition is no longer enough to manage a fashion company, regardless of size» says Amancio Junior.

In Spain, one of the most recent companies to integrate the Analyticalways solution with their stock management is the goose. The Madrid company implemented the software at the end of last year, they are using the solutions heat maps to optimise the exposure of the products in store and thus increase the profitability of the physical spaces.

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