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We open this space, where experts retailers will share their views on how to deal with the current crisis situation.


Our fith guest is Mauricio Russo, CEO of Casaideas.   Casa Ideas is a Chilean retail chain focused in the area of design and household items founded in 1993, which has more than 1600 employees and a network of 56 stores in Chile, Peru and Bolivia  



Great crises generally create great opportunities and many lose as much as others come out winning…

It is based on this that one must adapt as a person and organizations to new circumstances.

Retail has been transforming for many years and the first signs were the arrival of specialists (Category Killer), who with their value proposal created a new way of competing; e-commerce arrived years ago and  consumer behaviour started to change, blending both (the brick-and-mortar world and the digital world).

We have been living this with this view of a gradual process because behaviours do not change from one day to the next, taking much longer than one thinks…

So much for a summary of what existed before COVID-19.

  • Nowadays with COVID-19, changes are suddenly accelerating, home-office is flourishing at a dizzying rate out of necessity, resulting in our lifestyles wildly transforming (I won’t go into details about the situation in which these home offices must as well adapt the rules of daily life).

  • E-commerce firstly appears empowered to satisfy the needs of supply, leading to other business alternatives that begin grasping that this path is vital for retailers.

  • Many retailers have found themselves with the urgent need to transform their business model without losing their DNA (essence), that is, always having a clear idea of where their heart is (what sets them apart)  and how to strengthen this. There are diverse examples that in some way are looking to replicate the brick-and-mortar experience with the digital.

As the future approaches with many changes where important paradigms are shattered and where we welcome new implementations to adapt to the new world, I refer to the issue of home-office (labour laws) in relation to brick-and-mortar retail (new schedules), the strong entry of e-commerce and what this implies in new forms.

My advice is Darwin’s: adapt or die…

The change from the analogue to digital world will be very challenging, which I compare to the extinction of the dinosaurs and the welcoming of a new species…


Written by: Mauricio Russo (CEO of Casaideas)