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El Ganso & Analyticalways

El Ganso and Analyticalways are developing a productive collaboration between teams with an approach that goes far beyond the usual customer-supplier relationship.

El Ganso, one of the leading Spanish fashion chains with an extremely successful history is also reasserting its success with the search for efficiency in its processes in order to make them scalable and have mature and effective solutions.

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It’s essential to have powerful predictive analytics such as the ones provided by Analyticalways’ end-to-end solutions.

Héctor Morales
Planning and Distribution Manager

Having the right product at the right time

Today, this statement has become a need for brands that are good at positioning their product, such as El Ganso.

El Ganso knows that good customer service at the store along with fast response times is one of the best added values of the brand.Besides offering a product that stands out for its excellence and design is key to offer customers a unique buying experience in terms of customer service at the store.

Therefore, having a comprehensive product range, an assortment based on the consumption profiles of the public for each store cluster, and having all the sizes at the point of sale –without falling into overstock– are the keys to a store’s successful campaign.

Retail-based consultancy service

Analyticalways, thanks to its team of experts in fashion and retail, is aware of the situations retailers have to deal with in their daily operations. We guide the teams of the businesses that choose our solutions through every stage, from the planning to the launch, including the promotion and sales management, restocking and transfers. This means that the retailer can make a high return on their investment by using the functionalities of their solutions.

This type of collaboration has become so smooth with El Ganso that they have come to consider the Analyticalways team as part of their own team, and that is thanks to the Analyticalways’ friendly approach, availability and team spirit as well as its thorough knowledge of the business.

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Contact us by phone,  (+34) 91 737 31 95 or by e-mail,


End-to-End: from the purchase to the end customer

Once El Ganso has activated the In-Season stock-planning module in its campaign, the focus steers to all the other Pre-Season planning processes. Also, the Visual Merchandising team is now involved in the use of the solutions which fosters a successful collaboration between the Planning area and the Visual area.

El Ganso’s strategic approach is based on relying on a single partner and a single integrated technological solution that is standardised and fast in all the governance processes and it’s also based on analysing –with the dashboards and analytic functions– the progress of the campaign at the time, which supports the decision making across all operational and management levels.

Analyticalways is proud to help El Ganso achieve its success, growth and ROI and to help all those other companies who have adopted our innovating mix of technology, consultancy and work methodology.

It’s not down to chance: Success is “planned”