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Oro Vivo & Analyticalways

Oro Vivo and Analyticalways have been working together for several years. In this time, Oro Vivo has managed to save in fixed assets, winning sales by having the stock that the customer wants in the right place.

Oro Vivo is a company with over 30 years’ experience in the jewellery industry. Oro Vivo stores offer unique pieces, carefully chosen to reach the consumer’s heart. During the purchase of a piece of jewellery from Oro Vivo, the customer also acquires an unforgettable memory. That is why it is absolutely vital to have the right product in the exact place in the jewellery industry, to get ahead of the customers’ demand.

Analyticalways’ technology has provided Oro Vivo with the power to know the sales in real time and the KPIs for those sales. Ever since Oro Vivo started applying predictive technology, they have been able to handle information on the conversion ratios, KPIs by average sale, average price, UPT and other ratios that help them take decisions far faster, providing them with agility and saving considerable time when taking care of product transfers between stores.

The use of the technology has been key to produce a positive impact on Oro Vivo’s GMROII ratios, turnovers and commercial margins that have increased significantly. This is why they have decided to implement this tool in Portugal too.

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Purchases in Oro Vivo

Upon adapting the Ideal Stock levels, Oro Vivo has started to work with algorithms that help them adjust the purchases to consumption in their stores with much more accuracy and thereby improve the purchase management process dramatically, but especially, its stock management.

According to Pere Berenguel –CEO of Oro Vivo–, “it’s just as important to make sure that there is no overstock as it is to have enough stock to cover customers” needs in that precise store”. This way, Oro Vivo saves in fixed assets as they don’t have as much stock to store, but they also increase their sales by having the stock that the customer seeks at the right time.

The right product at the right time!

Analyticalways has changed the way Oro Vivo replenishes its stores

Eduard Sayos
Controller of Oro Vivo

Technology that beats resistance to change

Analyticalways’ technology provides the tools and reasons to beat the resistance to change that sellers often offer: Sell more with less product in stock.

Oro Vivo has increased its sales by about 10% and reduced its stock by about 20%. This makes our sales teams gain a lot of faith in our new system.

Now, thanks to technology and tools like Analyticalways, we can reduce our stock but also have the right stock in the right place.

Pere Berenguel
CEO of Oro Vivo

Retail-based consultancy service

Analyticalways, thanks to its team of experts in fashion and retail, is aware of the situations retailers have to deal with in their daily operations. We guide the teams of the businesses that choose our solutions through every stage, from the planning to the launch, including the promotion and sales management, replenishment and transfers. This means that the retailer can make a high return on their investment by using the functionalities of their solutions.

This type of collaboration has been essential to build a very positive relationship with the Oro Vivo team that has stretched over the years.

Some of the most successful subprojects led by Oro Vivo –such as the substitute goods project or the sizes one– have been carried out only possible by listening carefully to the customer and finding out what they needed to parametrize the tool, as the purchase process for a piece of jewellery differs significantly from the purchase of a basic T-shirt or a dress.

Thanks to Analyticalways’ helpfulness, availability and spirit of collaboration, as well as their expertise on the business, we have built a supplier-customer relationship that goes beyond the usual relationships and Analyticalways has become a real strategic partner for Oro Vivo.

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End-to-End: from the purchase to the end customer

The Technology guides Oro Vivo towards excellence whilst enjoying our end-to-end solutions.

In this video, their team offers a faithful testimonial on the benefits of relying on state-of-the-art technological solutions that integrate 360º of the stock management processes in the daily operations of a retailer like Oro Vivo.

Up until Analyticalways, there wasn’t a tool that could provide us with the right solution to manage the purchase of these products.

Ángel Fernández
Demand Planner of Orovivo

Analyticalways is proud to take part in Oro Vivo’s success and growth and to have been able to meet their expectations –within the market of Retail-centred native technological tools– with our solutions that are based on an innovating mix of technology, consultancy and work methodology.

It’s not down to chance: Success is “planned”