Basically, when retailers people talk about “Customer centric approach, Customer experience, customer satisfaction or Omnichannel” they think sales development very closely followed by Investment and in term of investment, new technologies make it possible anything !

However, at the end of the day, main objective has to still “results”! and, to act on them there is no so many ways : increase sales or/and reduce cost.

As announced, after saying “sales development”, “Investment” is already knocking at the door ! But, as key point is efficiency, Return on investment is requested?

Investing on SALES should be create a “domino effect” this is what we strongly expect from it: Benefits need to be measurable, but which kind of scale?

How to evaluate in details, specific gains from investment concerning higher customer experience or satisfaction?

So, why not to try create a “virtuous circle”; Which one ?

Benefits generated when acting on Costs and more precisely on stocks are immediately measurable and concretes; Impacts are “higher-faster-stronger”

“Handle” business with 2 hands “sales & costs” generate the “double effect”

  • Act on stocks to generate immediate cost of sales reduction (è Cash flow)
  • Reinvest gains generated in customer experience to increase sales!

The cherry on the cake!

  • Acting on stocks don’t oblige you to invest (too much) it’s an operational cost (not an asset)!

Enjoy managing your results!


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