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Demand is normally complicated to predict, but not with Analyticalways. With us you will plan your collection, manage new product introductions and your mix, balance your stock between stores, create promotions and control your visual merchandising.

In only a few months, our advanced algorithms will make you sell more with less stock.

Our solution will allow you, among other things, to manage promotions, transfers between stores, introduction of new products and management of the mix of your collection.

Merchandise Planning: The Key to Success

The key is to minimise the need for corrective measures throughout the campaign, reducing the risk of overstocking and product shortages.

You will have the possibility to quickly execute a pre-season planning of sales, product and purchase.

Coaching for your managers and salespeople

Predictive analysis to transmit the commercial strategy to the point of sale.

Sellers will feel supported on a day-to-day basis by suggestions on what to do in their next sales.

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Sales Force

With our B2B, manage the visits from your sales representatives by giving them goals and suggestions for the orders. Also, explain the ideal mix for each of your customers.

CRM Analytics

Focus on the most efficient actions by measuring the results of your future marketing campaigns.

Visual Merchandising

Take control of the display at your stores creating zones to arrange each product inside the VM with one Tablet.

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Thanks to its easy maintenance, you will save valuable time to spend it on your business strategy.

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You will have the analytical power required to work in a fresh and agile manner with millions of entries.