AI stock control system

Inventory software solution for warehouses

Our inventory software solution offers an answer to Retail inefficiencies, optimizing and speeding up Planning, Management and Sales decision making.

Boost your sales with ROIvolution

Why manage your business with an Artificial Intelligence solution?

Predictive algorithms, machine learning, AI and business intelligence are all part of our innovative solutions that will help you to eliminate all the repetitive tasks in Retail management so you can focus on making the decisions that will enhance your competitiveness, risk-free, and in less than 30 days.

Plus, the tool is so intuitive and user-friendly that you’ll enjoy working with it from day one.

Plan and anticipate the demand

Inventory software solution for Retail Planning

Manage your purchases, organize sales, introduce new collections, plan your sales, the cluster of stores, the ideal stock of each design and the assortment of the collection in a dynamic environment.

With the help of our algorithm you will not only optimize results: you will also benefit from our team of consultants to advise you at every step of the commercial planning.

Real-time stock control with AI

Inventory software solution for Management

Ensure success in the product life cycle by implementing efficient inventory management, eliminating overstocks and lost sales. Its daily suggestions allow you to always have the right stock in each store/pos, reducing logistics costs, increasing inventory turnover and cash flow.

Boost your Sales

AI solution for Sales Team Management

Sales Team Management is the link between the headquarters and the points of sales that will enable you to manage your team more easily and increase their efficiency. Help your team to achieve their targets by measuring all the essential KPIs: cross-selling, up-selling, average price, average ticket, units per ticket, etc.

With our solution you can manage shifts in stores, create fairer targets and automatically calculate sales team commissions.

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