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Discover the advantages of forming an alliance with a company that leads the Retail management of the future: contact us!

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Each alliance is unique

Being part of the Analyticalways Alliance community not only means creating new business opportunities: you can also offer your retail contacts a technology that multiplies their ROI and maximizes the company’s profits with a fast and measurable impact.

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Why build a strategic alliance with us?

  • Get the most out of your contacts. Form part of a team that revolves around innovation to keep retail as a leading industry.

  • Freedom is what is most valued. Be the owner of your own network, define your lead generation goals, participate in the process or choose where and when you would like to be. You decide how to do it!

  • Be part of a community of retail enthusiasts. Join us by sharing your vision and contributing from experience.
    Welcome to the house of Retail!


Everything you need to know and more...

Explore our programmes, find the best one for you and let’s start growing together.


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The content is the differential value of this programme. Intended for those people, associations, chambers of commerce, media or companies interested...


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Created for people or companies that, through their experience and knowledge of the retail sector, want to advise their contacts in the...


Tech Partner

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Aimed at technology providers or companies with an interest in the retail sector who want to increase their product portfolio with a solution...

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How does the process work?

Each program is unique. We can work with any specialised retailer. In other words, for everything but the food and pharmacy industries, and with at least two shops, the opportunities are endless. The process is simple. It focuses on three fundamental pillars:

Share experiences with us

Collaborate with advice about opportunities in your market, so that together we can create new projects maximizing the ROI of each client.


We love our work and this passion drives us to give the best of ourselves every day.


We are committed to progress and change to define the future of Retail management. We look for creative solutions that go one step further and we are constantly reinventing ourselves.


What do our Referrers think?

Join our Referral community and play a role in transforming Retail into a more profitable and sustainable sector

star star star star star

Working with Analyticalways has enabled me to increase my portfolio of services and establish a closer relationship with customers

Gino Mori - Peru
star star star star star

When I became an Analyticalways partner I discovered a unique teamwork experience as well as an ideal solution for our Retail customers

Pedro Romero - Peru
star star star star star

In the case of Analyticalways, it’s super clear: it’s a really useful product for large, medium-sized and small enterprises. Whatever the scale of the business, it helps them to manage stocks more efficiently and rotate them more frequently, so it’s win-win every time

Santiago C. - Ecuador
star star star star star

Being a referrer for Analyticalways has enabled me to use my experience to help small, medium-sized and large enterprises become more efficient in situations that I faced throughout my career. It’s been a great satisfaction to give them an attainable, modern and, above all, innovative solution

Evelyn C. - Chile
star star star star star

I appreciate the opportunity to be part of a project that offers great benefits and the opportunity to enjoy excellent networking

Juliana B. - Brazil
star star star star star

The opportunity is incredible: it’s not only a great project with enormous growth potential, but it also offers an optimal service: complete assistance to partners and customers thanks to the sales and consulting team

Regiane Soraya - Brazil
star star star star star

Excellent results-based collaboration and remuneration model! I hope to continue collaborating with Analyticalways for a long time because it’s synonymous with increasing the profitability of Retail. Plus, the tool is fantastic, very complete, so it’s easier for us partners to publicise it across the sector

Lucca Bettone - Brazil
star star star star star

I’m very satisfied! I hope to continue helping retail companies in Brazil with our partner model

Kelen C. - Brazil
star star star star star

Being a Referral is a great experience, both professionally and personally. I am passionate about my work and about responding to users’ problems, which is why I love the way they react when they are introduced to Analyticalways. In addition, the company’s team has always made me feel at home, making it easy for me to make compatible my personal and professional life.

Noriko Stone - Mexico
star star star star star

Being a referral has expanded my network of professional contacts, which in turn has created new business and employment opportunities, and I can combine it perfectly with my regular job and earn extra income.

Mario Osorio - Mexico
star star star star star

To be a Referral you just have to believe in the tool you are offering; in this regard, ROIvolution makes it very easy. Not only does it work as promised, but it helps my clients to optimize their business and offers them better results

Matías Fontecilla - Chile
star star star star star

Being a Referral of a company like Analyticalways is more than a collaboration: it is a great experience because it gives you constant assistance and support. In addition, you promote a product that helps companies in the Retail sector in all aspects

Fernanda Crespo - Ecuador
star star star star star

With Analyticalways I have been able to harvest the fruits of the commercial and professional relationships seeded over many years of working life. Today, as a freelancer, I offer companies a tool that optimizes the sector’s operations, increasing sales and reducing excess inventory, which leads to significant revenues. And all this while working in a team with excellent people, managing my own time and enjoying what I do

Luz Adriana Uribe - Colombia
star star star star star

Being a Referral of Analyticalways (located in Colombia) has allowed me to bring my previous knowledge to small, medium and large companies. The tool can help all of them; besides, the implementation is very easy

Carlos Echavarría Colombia
star star star star star

More than an experience, I would define my relationship with Analyticalways as an incredible journey. For years I was a sales representative for the Colombia region, and I can guarantee that the product handled by the company is a wonder for any company

Johan Caro - Colombia

We build alliances that support retail to be a more efficient, profitable and sustainable industry.

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