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We build alliances that support retail to be a more efficient, profitable and sustainable industry.


Each alliance is unique

Being part of the Analyticalways Alliance community not only means creating new business opportunities: you can also offer your retail contacts a technology that multiplies their ROI and maximizes the company’s profits with a fast and measurable impact.

Why build a strategic alliance with us?

  • Get the most out of your contacts. Form part of a team that revolves around innovation to keep retail as a leading industry.

  • Freedom is what is most valued. Be the owner of your own network, define your lead generation goals, participate in the process or choose where and when you would like to be. You decide how to do it!

  • Be part of a community of retail enthusiasts. Join us by sharing your vision and contributing from experience.
    Welcome to the house of Retail!


Everything you need to know and more...

Explore our programmes, find the best one for you and let’s start growing together.


The content is the differential value of this programme. Intended for those people, associations, chambers of commerce, media or companies interested in providing retailers in their circle with specialised and valuable content, with the main objective of sharing good practices, trends, technology, efficiency and profitability.


Created for people or companies that, through their experience and knowledge of the retail sector, want to advise their contacts in the selection and recommendation of the best prescriptive technology of the moment.



Aimed at technology providers or companies with an interest in the retail sector who want to increase their product portfolio with a solution that sets them apart from the rest.

How does the process work?

Each program is unique. We can work with any specialised retailer. In other words, for everything but the food and pharmacy industries, and with at least two shops, the opportunities are endless. The process is simple. It focuses on three fundamental pillars:

Share experiences with us

Collaborate with advice about opportunities in your market, so that together we can create new projects maximizing the ROI of each client.


We love our work and this passion drives us to give the best of ourselves every day.


We are committed to progress and change to define the future of Retail management. We look for creative solutions that go one step further and we are constantly reinventing ourselves.

Discover the advantages of forming an alliance with a company that leads the Retail management of the future: contact us!

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