Are you familiar with coworking spaces? They are those shared offices where professionals with different skills and interests coincide to work.

The popularity of coworking spaces has skyrocketed since the pandemic, as telecommuting is the order of the day and more and more companies are demonstrating their flexibility by offering remote working to their staff. Many of them, in fact, have implemented teleworking altogether!

Telecommuting facilitates work-life balance, but if you are one of those people who are easily distracted or do not have a suitable space to telecommute from home, the solution is this: coworking spaces! There are all kinds: with reserved rooms, large areas, intimate, inviting to a relaxed atmosphere … the key is to focus on networking with like-minded profiles.

There are also numerous coworking spaces where for a certain monthly fee you can have your own permanent position and become part of a community of professionals with whom you can share your interests, such as Talent Garden or Spaces Works. Do you want to know more? Keep reading! And remember that you can find more information about alliances and partnerships on the Analyticalways website.

Examples of successful Coworking Space

Now that you are familiar with coworking spaces, let’s go through some examples so you can build a more solid picture of your ideal collaborative space.

Let’s start by mentioning coworking spaces like Santander Work Café.  They are designed to host events, lectures, conferences and courses where you can learn new skills with the best tools.

Another very interesting coworking space is the offices at Google for Startups. It is a physical space where technology-based startups enjoy the best Google technology: free trainings, tutoring, mentoring and a very large and diverse community of entrepreneurs.