Retailer, would you like to make the most of your upcoming networking events? The season of parties, meetings and celebrations is approaching and it’s an unbeatable occasion to become the king of events.

Over the years, networking has become an essential skill for professional growth. These types of meetings, also in Retail, not only generate the opportunity to create relationships and work contacts, but they are the perfect opportunity to meet profiles with interests similar to yours.

But it is not enough to just show up at the meeting and Analyticalways is well aware of this. To be the true King of Networking, keep reading!

Who makes the best networker?

What is the difference between a successful networking event or just another meeting?

It is not about accumulating or collecting business cards, but about obtaining valuable professional relationships. Form synergies and create business opportunities in the short, medium or long term.

Thanks to this practice, you can benefit from the exchange of information and knowledge, market trends and challenges and even increase the visibility of your company.

Networking should not be understood as an exclusive business, but as a space to be authentic and natural while exchanging ideas and experiences.

So, if you want to become the King of Networking events, we leave you the following tips:

  • Make sure you know the dynamics of the event: format, duration.
  • Look for information about the speakers or attendees to identify potential contacts.
  • Define the objectives you want to achieve: knowledge, expand your network…
  • Prepare a brief presentation about yourself, your project or professional objective (nothing too prepared or forced).
  • Differentiate yourself and surprise, do not limit yourself to be just another attendee.
  • Exchange your business card, and do not let the contact get cold, you can send a thank you email, a question or invite them to follow your social networks.

Do you have any other useful tips for attending a retail networking event and becoming the undisputed king? Let us know in the comments!