Consulting is one of the hallmarks of Analyticalways. Our consultants are the main support for customers when they are immersed in the process of improving their business efficiency, to the extent that they become another member of the team.

Our consulting team is made up of excellent professionals who have built their careers in the Retail sector, so they have a genuine understanding of the complexity of Retail management and can contribute their extensive experience. The way we work is to assign a consultant to each customer. That person then provides constant follow-up, working hand-in-hand with the customer to achieve the goals set.

We sat down with the consulting team to ask them about their work and how they understand the service they provide to customers. This is what they told us.

Consulting is like an energy bar in a race. It gives you the plus you need to end up on the podium.”  Marta Conejero, Global Retail Consultant.

Everyone agrees that the key is understanding and guiding the customer, providing them with the know-how we have built through our experience. Joint work is essential for seeing results in the shortest possible time.

 “Your consultant will be your radar when you go too fast, your compass when you’re lost and your petrol station when you’re running out of fuel” Tania, De Anta Pérez, Global Retail Consultant.

According to Iván Sánchez, Global Consulting Director, the important thing is for the customer and consultant to pull together in the same direction. He explains it this way: “If Analyticalways were an army and everyday we had to fight the difficulties involved in Retail, consultants would be in the first line, helping customers make decisions, using our international knowledge about best practices to enhance every process, supporting our development team to ensure that our main tool, “ROIvolution”, continues to win the battle against the loss of efficiency currently afflicting the sector.”

Paulo Moraes, Consultant in AA Brasil, defines his work as  “the beacon for our customers in the sea of uncertainty that is the ocean of Retail”.   

The synergy forged between the two parties is key to continuous improvement and development. It is the customers who drive the process by tell us about the problems they face in their routine management. At Analyticalways we speak the same language, which is why our improvements stem from the ideas we get from our customers.

“Consultants are people who grow every day, a team that turns a customer’s problem into a global solution.” Andrea De Juana Bolado, Global Retail Consultant.

In a nutshell, consulting at Analyticalways is professionalism and commitment focused on excellence. It is empathy with each customer, daily dedication and constant passion.