• Created by Retail experts for retail professionals
  • In a humorous tone, each chapter highlights different aspects of the planner’s character, the “hidden” profile that acts as a real driving force in the sector.

Madrid, October 19th, 2022

Retail is in luck with the exclusive premiere of ‘School of Planners’, the first webseries created by retail experts that addresses the daily functions of a planner and highlights the role they play within the industry.

A school of planners, a teacher anchored in methodologies of the past and a student body that is not really sure what they are doing there are the basis of a comedy series with the necessary ingredients to become a revelation: fun, entertainment and a glimpse into the mysterious recesses of the Retail industry.

Analyticalways is responsible for this innovative audiovisual proposal; the company, specialized in technology applied to Retail since 2015, has focused its efforts on facilitating the life of the planner, the real “heroes and engines” that move the sector with their decisions and strategies.

All this, both the complexities of everyday life and the intricacies of Retail, are reflected throughout the three chapters that make up ‘School of Planners’, which from this moment is available at Youtube.

The founder and CEO of Analyticalways, Amancio Junior Cavalcanti, who has been closely involved in the project at all times, said that the idea of developing a webseries with the planner as the protagonist comes from “deep admiration for the work they do every day”, since “thanks to them we are dressed or have inventory every time we enter any establishment”.

School of Planners delves into the figure of the planner, their concerns and the obstacles they face, with the aim of giving the rightful place to a figure that has traditionally gone unnoticed in the business world.


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