Visual Merchandising just became your best friend, because the Halloween campaign is upon us, Retailer. Summer has passed quickly as a shooting star, and unless you’ve made a wish that your assortment’s Halloween planning will take care of itself, you’ve got a tough few weeks of strategy, decisions and anticipation ahead of you.

It’s possible that by now Halloween occupies most of your thoughts and we wouldn’t blame you. If you wake up thinking about pumpkins with Machiavellian smiles and go to bed collating endless spreadsheets and Excel, this post is for you.

The strategy: Visual Merchandising standards

There are many techniques focused on an excellent planning of the different commercial campaigns, but we are going to deepen in the one we consider that can work better with a margin of time: let’s talk about Visual Merchandising.

Visual Merchandising is that set of rules aimed at maximizing the visibility of your products, with the consequent increase in sales.

Although there are still companies that place their products intuitively and do well, there are certain rules that guarantee success. Would you like to know them? Read on!

The tools for creating optimal Visual Merchandising


Do you know the hot and cold spots in your stores? This is a good time to study them, because if you understand the dynamics that your customers follow when they enter the store, you will be able to anticipate their movements and display the merchandise that suits you best in the best positions.


Oranges, browns and blacks are your allies. Somehow, in the last few decades we have learned to associate these shades with the ultimate horror fest. This is good news, because it is very possible that you already have materials of these colors among your products. It’s just a matter of adding a few more decorative touches, and that’s it!


The gloomy, the sinister, it’s fashionable! Try lowering the lighting in certain areas to create a decorative and terrifying effect. This doesn’t mean you should leave your products in the dark. But you can choose some areas within your establishments to contribute to the Halloween atmosphere.


If you don’t have your own Halloween merchandising or don’t want to invest in specific decoration, use your screens! They are versatile, they come in infinite sizes and formats and the most important thing: they are not for a single use. You can use them in other campaigns, such as Black Friday, CyberMonday or Christmas.


Of course, traditional signage has always been a sure-fire way to let your customers know that you are participating in trends and campaigns. Not only does it serve as ambiance, it can also serve as information.

Halloween Visual Merchandising Retail

The results:

Increased customer traffic

If the outside of your store (windows, shop window) attracts the attention of users, they are more likely to discover what products you offer. You should not only take into account the aesthetics but also follow the seasonal rules. A window display in summer is not the same as in winter, remember that!

Increase in turnover

As a direct consequence of the above, the greater the number of customers, the higher the turnover. Your profits will grow exponentially according to the audience you attract.

Increase in the price of the average ticket

What goes in through the eyes pleases more: it’s a universal truth. If your items are arranged in an attractive way, your customers are more likely to succumb to the temptation to buy them. Not only that, but they will buy more, increasing the UPT (Units Per Transaction).

Better use of cross-selling

In the same way, when your items look appealing, they make those around you look better. A nice outfit on a mannequin, a decorated shelf… they can do miracles! Strive to place together products that make sense to buy and expect incredible results.

What about you, what strategy are you going to follow for the next Halloween campaign?