Reactive or proactive strategy for these sales?

These Sales season are finally back to normal, but that doesn’t mean we can just sit back and hope that everything goes well and that sales work.

On the opposite, these sales days are going to be the most important of the decade and that means we have to be more meticulous and more strategic than ever.

What do we recommend you to do?


Recommendations for the sales

We at Analyticalways recommend you to:

    • Form a multidisciplinary team.
    • Involve all your departments in your retail so that we can manage these sales in the most efficient way possible.


The first thing we must do is to establish 3 objectives that are common to all these departments, that are shared, that are measurable, of course, and that are achievable.

With these 3 objectives we will mark what will be our route during these sales and what we must define are the red lines that will be a deviation in this route that we have marked.

We will measure daily how our plan is working and if we are crossing any of these red lines and if we do, we must have a predefined protocol for action in case each of the problems that we may encounter. It’s not enough to wait for the problems to arrive before deciding on solutions.

We have to decide from now on which are the predefined solutions that we will implement in each of the cases in order to be as proactive as possible.

Covid has been a very long test for all of us and this is the final sprint, if there is one thing we have discovered thanks to Covid, it is that we know how to work as a team and that working as a team is the only way to achieve it.

Therefore, if we want to reach this finish line the only way we have to do it will be all hand in hand, let’s go for it!




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