We open this space where experts retailers will share their views on how to deal with the current crisis situation.

Our third guest is Marcela Naón, expert in Strategic Development and Management for Beauty, Fashion and Talent Brands   


Fashion demands more depth. Today the world demands a “mission” from the Industry, revolutionizing the Fashion ecosystem.

The conversations the fashion industry had been having, and whose new paradigms were already being successfully proclaimed by some of the great brands, have ceased to be an authority, from one day to the next, of their exclusive use.

On their side, the work of those who were already timidly navigating the waters of sustainability does not seem to be enough today.

  • The purchases of newly educated and environmentally conscious consumers will be determined by ethical practices, firmly believing that a fashion brand must adopt responsibility for both its social and environmental impact.
  • With their orders brands will have the power to legitimize those industrialists who not only do not harm the ecosystem with their manufacturing processes, but also ensure that those who work in the production line do so in conditions that dignify them.
  • Shopping will be a lifestyle decision much more than a trend for new consumers. Fashion will be asked to restrict the use of resources, to limit the amount of collections, meaning a decrease in the international flight traffic of journalists and buyers to the catwalks of ephemeral collections.

Brands will have additional challenges under these imposed reductions. On the one hand, consumers will demand better quality products to satisfy a higher usage performance over time and so ensure that their purchase decision is aligned with their values.

  • On the other hand, technology will be established in the fashion industry to improve the experience of a personalized, analytical and effective shopping ritual. Customers will demand knowing that a brand understands them as they move between URL and IRL and will support them in both worlds.
  • There will be a final process for the brands to review if all these requirements are met. Acute intelligence for the projection of your inventories, the analysis of the information and the rotation of your production stock with volumes that should be more accurate.


Written by: Marcela Naón (Strategic Development and Management for Beauty, Fashion and Talent Brands)