This week we’ve pulled out the crystal ball to tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming Back to School 2022 campaign. Amid new trends and the landing of new concepts like the metaverse, here’s what leading industry experts have to say.

Ready? Here are the top trends you can expect for Back to School 2022:

According to Deloitte, this could be the most significant Back to School campaign in 5 years, with figures growing by up to 16% and spending expected to exceed $32.5 million.

In addition, KPMG, the auditing giant, is betting that the retail categories that will see the most demand will be footwear, accounting for 21%; school supplies, 16%; and apparel (14%).

And not only that! In-store purchases could be cut by up to 66% in favor of online purchases, which will grow, also according to KPMG, by 44% (taking as a reference that before the pandemic they did not reach 34%).

Nor should we forget about inflation; in this regard, entities such as the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics have published after conducting their annual survey, that 38% of consumers are cutting expenses in other areas of their daily lives to meet the costs associated with the Back to School.

So when does the shopping start? By July more than half of shoppers will have moved to gather all their school and college supplies, although the majority of families who will be affected by BTS spending (up to 85%) will wait until they know exactly what they will need or find the right deal.

And you, what are you waiting for to prepare your Back to School Campaign? Have you already started your strategy? Tell us about it!