With Christmas, the most cherished time of the year is approaching. But what for some means vacations, relaxing time and family activities, for you, planner or Retail lover, Christmas means the most stressful time of the year.

That is why, from Analyticalways we have gathered the 10 Christmas activities in which as a planner you will stand out above any family member or friend. Because it’s not just about enjoying a well-deserved break, but also about showing off your skills!

Take paper and pencil, planner, because we present you…

10 activities for showing off this Christmas

  • Organize a walk through your city to see the Christmas lights. Who better than you can trace the best route to enjoy the Christmas lights in your city? You, who have taken care to study the path of your customers through each point of sale, will be the best possible guide.
  • Decorate your Christmas tree as only a true window dresser could. Throughout the year you have dedicated yourself to embellish different spaces, shop windows, corners within your establishment… it’s time to bring out that stylistic wisdom and leave your visitors speechless!
  • Prepare a family photoshoot. Related to the above, put at your family’s disposal your skills as a decorator/scapartist/stylist. Simply imagine that your family is your star product and help yourself with whatever you have at hand to take a picture worthy of framing.
  • Make a splurge with this year’s wrapping. There is no more relaxing activity than taking your time to wrap gifts. You can resort to all kinds of paper, twine and embellishments – be as creative as you are at work!
  • Send postcards. We love this activity, and not only because it is exciting to send postcards (it is also exciting to receive them), but because it is a little break from screens and technological devices to return to the essence, the traditional and analogical. And nothing more essential and traditional than Christmas!
  • Donate to charity. We know that these dates lend themselves to splurge a little more than usual and get carried away by impulses that thin the wallet. To compensate, an altruistic gesture can balance the scales. You, who are responsible for equipping your points of sale with what they need at all times, are the one who knows best what you can and can’t do without.
  • No one knows the consumer like you do; this Christmas, consider family and friends as your most special consumer and put all your planner and retail expertise to the task of finding the perfect gift for each of them.
  • Give yourself that treat. Throughout the year you see thousands of products, items, experiences and opportunities pass before you. Search your memory for what you can’t stop thinking about, and treat yourself!
  • Spend a few hours planning your days off. Make sure you have time to do your favorite Christmas activities with a calendar. It won’t be difficult since you spend the rest of the year planning and managing stock like an expert!
  • And if you’ve reached this point of the year absolutely exhausted, light a fire and relax in the light and warmth of the fireplace – nothing recharges your energy better!

Have you tried any of these holiday activities? Can you think of any others where a planner or retailer shines?