What are the next Retail commercial campaigns you should be planning? If you think dates like Black Friday or New Year’s Eve are light years away, think twice! Most retail planners organize their campaigns months in advance.

That’s why we’ve got the list of retail campaigns you need in your backlog for you.

Shall we get started?

September is loaded with concepts such as the return to routine, school, university… In short, activities that involve consumption by the new generations that are coming on strong, such as generation Z.

Back to school

Start of fall

October is the perfect rehearsal for what’s to come in the winter (yes, we’re talking about the holiday season). It’s the perfect excuse to sharpen your planning techniques with several parties in a row:


And in November, very close to Halloween, there are several important celebrations, but don’t get distracted! Because without leaving the month, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming in strong..:

Día de todos los Santos, Día de los Muertos

Black Friday

Cyber Monday

And when the year finally comes to an end, December arrives and we put the machines at full speed to face the most important campaigns of the year:

Christmas Eve


New Year’s Eve

Would you like to know more about each of these campaigns, everything you need to prepare and plan? Then stay tuned because we’ll be talking about them all over the next few weeks.

Would you add any more holidays to the list of commercial campaigns to start planning? Let us know in the comments!