Maybe you’ve just landed from your July vacation, or maybe you’re half packed for August; the fact is that the vacations are just around the corner and we look forward to them so much that we forget what comes next: the post-vacation blues.

From Analyticalways we care about your health (physical, mental, spiritual… and vacation!); that’s why we offer you several suggestions aimed at improving what August has cost you.

Would you like to know how to overcome that post-holiday blues? Read on!

Leverage your strengths

You’re a planner! There’s nothing you do better than planning, managing and organizing. That’s why we recommend that, as a preventative measure, you leave your residence as tidy as possible – the last thing you want when you come back from your break is to have to tidy up your home!

Set something you are looking forward to in your calendar

The return to routine may not be as spectacular as those days you spent at the beach or in the mountains, but your motivation may return faster if you make sure there is something in your immediate future to look forward to: an event, a celebration, even a purchase! Any excuse is a good one to look ahead without thinking about the umbrella you left behind.

Plan what you will do once you get back

The reality check upon your return can be very hard. The best thing to do is to establish a series of priority actions to keep you busy, but in things you enjoy. Maybe it’s time to make that visit you’ve been postponing for months, take a leisurely stroll through your hometown or start that project you’ve so often developed in your mind.

Take care of your body

It is possible that the first few days after your return you miss the unbridled rhythm of consumption of the vacations (and if it wasn’t unbridled, surely you indulged yourself); however, taking care of your body is also appreciated. A few days of healthy eating and good habits can go a long way in helping you get back into the swing of everyday life with a smile on your face.

Rest from rest

Take an extra day off to calmly get back to your routine. You can take the opportunity to unpack, distribute tasks or plan your next project… or your next trip! Sometimes, the desire to live the vacation experience to the fullest makes us forget that peace of mind is much more important than a few more hours in the sun.

Immersive experience

If you are not able to return to reality and you keep dreaming about the landscapes you met during your vacation, it is a good idea to leave a record of your adventures. It will make you feel better knowing that you won’t forget any detail. Write down everything you experienced in a diary, organize your photos, organize a viewing session of your videos with friends or family. Sharing the nostalgia makes it weigh less!

Bring your vacation with you

Remember that flavor you tasted, those clothes you wore, that movie you heard about during your vacation? Incorporate it into your normal life! You can relive that moment as many times as you want if you keep your vacation experiences close to you.

Have you tried any of these post-vacation blues remedies? Do you know of any others? Tell us about them!