Do you know how to target your product and attract customers according to their generation? Discover what differentiates a Millennial from Generation Z and how to focus your sales strategy to maximize profits.

Attracting customers now that the offer of companies is as varied as it is wide is the goal of many companies today, but not delimiting the target can lead to a loss of strategic focus. That is why Analyticalways gives you the keys to understand the generations that dominate emerging markets: Millennial and Z.

The Millennial Generation

Millennials are considered the generation born between 1980 and 1994. They are known for making quick decisions and prioritizing socialization and enjoyment. Their consumer behavior highlights their preference to buy products they observe in those they admire: influencers and social media personalities. Be careful! This makes them trust information found on the Internet more than brand advertisements.

That is why they especially value in the different brands that defend values, with ethics; on the other hand they value positively the personalization of the items they acquire and their usability.

In short: how to attract a Millennial customer?

Through influencers they admire, social media profiles and popular culture they look up to. Also by offering the possibility to personalize their items; and above all, by making sure that the products you address to them are useful and make their lives easier.

What about Generation Z and Alpha?

They were born in 1995 and they are driven by two differentiating factors: the immediacy of having in hand what they acquire and the added contribution of the brand. Their reference media: Instagram, Snapchat or Youtube. Can you guess which sales channel is the most popular among them? Social networks!

They demand immediacy and personalization, but not only in terms of the purchase but also in terms of the experience. They must feel unique, special. And when we say immediacy we mean its maximum expression: the minimum wait between the purchase and the arrival of the product. They are also great advocates of social causes, a sure way to get their attention.

Another key aspect in attracting them is payment flexibility. Some companies have already added fragmented payment options. Truthful advertising, authenticity and transparency in their communications are also highly valued. As for your main sales agents, microinfluencers play a key role in reaching potential customers.

In short: how to attract Generation Z and Alpha? By making them feel special, offering payment advantages and showing brand values and principles.

Are you ready to plan a strategy focused on the profiles of these consumers and attract Generation Z and Millennial customers? Tell us about it in comments!



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