Do you think your business has nothing to do with campaigns like Cyber Monday because your products are not electronic? Do you pass up commercial opportunities related to Oktoberfest because beer has nothing to do with your production?

Today we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming trade campaigns and how to take advantage of even those you think are unrelated to your brand.

Let’s start!


It may sound like a foreign festival, but more and more countries are adopting this celebration as their own. The great beer festival does not last two weeks everywhere as it does in Germany, the country of origin, but it is strange if there are no local theme parties in one form or another. In Spain, for example, it is gaining great popularity in the south and in the main capitals.

How can you make the most of it?

Take advantage of the extra influx of visitors that you may have during the days of the festival with some temporary allusion to Oktoberfest: merchandising, posters, a striking message on social networks or on your website can serve as a lure for those interested.


Just two decades ago, Halloween was an American invention for children to satiate their craving for candy; now, relatively small provinces like Navarra dedicate theme parks to it. Not to mention its power on a commercial level: the terrifying event of the year even generates bargain festivals.

How to make the most of it?

Fortunately, Halloween has become so internationalized that any allusion to pumpkins, skeletons and orange aesthetics automatically takes us back to October 31. All it takes is a combination of these elements to catch the horror enthusiast’s attention. When it comes to such a global holiday, the aesthetic contribution is key: that’s why we recommend that you pay special attention to the aesthetic aspect of your business, both digital and analog.

Black Friday

Are you ready to face Black Friday? For weeks now, brands have been taking positions, either by increasing their staff or reinforcing logistics. Consumption increases on this already mythical commercial date in the calendar. Some, “cheating”, have already started to launch flash offers using the proximity of the date as an excuse.

How to take advantage of it?

Fortunately, Black Friday allows you to apply promotions, discounts and promotions to all kinds of products. Everything? EVERYTHING! Study your product and find out what kind of offer can work best according to the results you want to achieve. And remember! The key on this occasion, as on others, is to spread the word well in advance that your business is participating in the Black Friday spirit. A good ad is all you need!

Cyber Monday

It is true that in the early days of the globalization of Cyber Monday, only specific sectors such as electronics, household appliances or robotics were included. However, in recent years the trend has become more generalized and any sector is welcome in this festival of offers.

How to make the most of it?

It is not true that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are essentially the same thing; but they are very similar, on different scales. We suggest that you bet on Black Friday as the main discount party of the season, but if possible, keep an ace up your sleeve to make the most of that product that lends itself to a good promotion and focus your efforts on selling it.

What steps have you taken for the upcoming Retail campaigns?