Planning for Black Friday invades your worst nightmares? You don’t know where to start to manage orders, logistics and shipping? We have just what you need!

One of the most important dates of the year for the Retail sector is approaching; along with Christmas or the subsequent sales, Black Friday stands as the big bet of Retail.

Like any great campaign, it requires careful planning that sometimes begins semesters in advance. But in case you haven’t planned far enough in advance, here is the definitive list of everything you need to take into account to ensure you get the most out of the Black Friday season.

1 If possible, consult your historical data from previous years. This can give you a good idea of what to expect for the current year. If you don’t have access to that data, be sure to check data from periods closer to the key date. You won’t have an accurate forecast, but it will serve as a basis for broadening the magnitude of your orders.

2 Rely on AI-based tools capable of deducing demand through the analysis of your data. With the latest technological advances and the ability of predictive algorithms, some applications achieve incredible sales increases, as well as significant stock reductions.

3 Invest in advertising prior to the central date, both digitally and analogically if your business has a presence in physical establishments. Sometimes the best promotions go unnoticed for lack of a good advertising display. Make noise so that, when the day arrives, your potential customers know where to go for the best opportunities.

4 Before you start promoting your involvement in Black Friday, make sure you have enough stock to cover the demand. How will you know what demand awaits you? You can use historical data from previous years or hire the services of applications based on Artificial Intelligence and predictive algorithms. These tools analyze and interpret your data and recommend suggestions aimed at increasing sales and reducing overstock.

5 Don’t underestimate social networks. They are a way to reach your audience directly and without intermediaries. There are also many actions you can do to promote your products for free, as long as you are consistent and post regularly. And don’t forget the possibility of attracting new followers!

6 Inform about your promotions internally. Do you have a database of your customers? Or a database of your team? Take advantage of them to increase your reach and let as many users interested in your brand as possible know that you are participating in Black Friday.

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