After a journey of 20,000 km, Analyticalways has brought the new version of Pre-Season, the future of retail collection planning, to the main Latin American countries. Capitals such as Mexico City, Lima, Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo have welcomed the team in a tour of presentations that will soon culminate in Medellin, Colombia.

The presentation, led by Amancio Junior, CEO of Analyticalways, served to highlight the role of planners, “the real drivers of retail, who have seen how, over the last few decades, the complexity of the sector has increased while management has stagnated”.

Important profiles from the retail world have gathered on each occasion to talk about their experience with ROIvolution, the management and planning tool that promises a more profitable and sustainable retail. Some of them were Facundo Senes, CEO of the Novara brand, Liliana Hernández, Commercial Director of Miniso, Joaquin Mödinger, Planning Manager, and Max Gillet, Head of Planning of the Hites brand, or Amanda Gonçalves Santoro, Head of Commercial Planning of Shoulder.

Each of the events was also attended by the region’s Country Managers, who were in charge of disseminating Analyticalways’ future aspirations, such as reaching 60 countries or multiplying the number of brands in its portfolio.

The two main consequences of the Retail strategy based on predictive algorithms are, on the one hand, an adequate investment in stock and, on the other, the drastic reduction of overstock. In terms of sustainability, we would speak of zero impact, i.e., materials or products that the predictions indicate do not need to be manufactured, with the consequent savings in materials and natural resources.