Every planner’s dream has come true with the birth of Pre-Season, the Retail management tool that will forever change the future of collection planning.  Analyticalways has presented its new version of the intelligent software capable of increasing sales by up to 25% and reducing overstock by 40%.

The tool, which promises to be the perfect solution for Merchandise Planning, also guarantees to determine the ideal breadth and depth of stock to satisfy each customer segment, optimize margins and reduce costs thanks to the automation of collection planning. Thanks to the so-called Machine Learning system, based on a predictive algorithm, Pre-Season makes the best possible assortment decision, even creating scenarios that simulate results.

Among the benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence to collection planning are assortment focused on meeting real customer demand, higher stock turnover, order optimization, more sales with higher margins, higher productivity of planning managers or the permanent advice of a network of expert consultants.

Pre-Season promises to optimize the entire collection planning process, from start to finish

This is an unprecedented move by the retail sector towards a more profitable and sustainable model

As for the functionalities included in the tool, the most important are Commercial Plan, Store Cluster, Design Variation Planning, Assortment Plan, Shopping List, Initial Distribution or Open To Buy.

The two main consequences of the Retail strategy based on predictive algorithms are, on the one hand, an adequate investment in stock and, on the other hand, a drastic reduction of overstock. In terms of sustainability, we would speak of zero impact, i.e., materials or products that the predictions indicate do not need to be manufactured, with the consequent savings in materials and natural resources.

The launch of Pre-Season comes after 5 years of product development, presence in 20 countries, 150 brands in the portfolio and a 99% renewal rate.