You wouldn’t go into a Christmas or Halloween season without a strategy in place, would you? The same goes for the tourism season and Retail, so here are some tips based on the latest developments in the sector.

Ready? Here are those tips for the tourist season:

According to infoRetail, 9% of total tourist spending during tourist season went to Retail in 2019, a total of €6.2 billion in purchases. And we all agree on one thing when it comes to tourism: it is recovering from the pandemic.

So we think it’s worth bearing in mind that September and October (albeit to a lesser extent) are still traditionally tourist season, and that you still have time to make the most of it.

Some basic recommendations:

1 Consider opening on Sundays and public holidays. We know that it involves an extra staff effort, but depending on your area and how well you identify visitor trends, it can be well worth it.

2 Adjust your opening hours to peak tourist times. This doesn’t necessarily mean extending your opening hours. You can modify the opening and closing times to coincide with peak tourist times.

3 Adopt the aesthetic of the biggest tourist attraction in your area. We know your style is impeccable, but sometimes with a little investment in the facade or interior of your business, you get to be part of the tourist atmosphere of your area. And that also brings benefits!

4 Invest in staff with languages. Nothing worse than leaving a customer unattended because you can’t understand them. Surround yourself with qualified staff or take the plunge and learn languages yourself.

5 Offer the taxfree option. More and more tourists are asking for it and in large stores and cities it is very common.

What do you think? Would you like to try to increase your sales thanks to the tourist season? Tell us your results!