The leading technology company in retail management, Analyticalways, has presented in Madrid the new version of its product Pre-Season, the Artificial Intelligence tool that guarantees the optimization of every process involved in Merchandise Planning, including collection planning.

The presentation, led by Amancio Junior, CEO of Analyticalways, took place at the emblematic Wizink Center in Madrid and was attended by the country’s main retail profiles. In his speech, he highlighted the role of planners, “the real drivers of Retail, who have seen how, over the last few decades, the complexity of the sector has increased while management has stagnated”.

The launch of Pre-Season comes after 5 years of product development, presence in 20 countries, 150 brands in the portfolio and a 99% renewal rate. Analyticalways has presented its new version of intelligent software capable of predicting real customer demand, suggesting the most beneficial rotation (based on horizontality and assortment depth), improving the productivity of planners and even offering ongoing advice thanks to an expert consulting team.

The two main consequences of the Retail strategy based on predictive algorithms and Artificial Intelligence that improve planning are, on the one hand, an adequate investment in stock and, on the other, the drastic reduction of overstock. In terms of sustainability, we would speak of zero impact, i.e., materials or products that the predictions indicate that it is not necessary to create would not be manufactured, with the consequent savings in materials and natural resources.

Tiago Fernandes, International Head of Sales, highlighted Analyticalways’ expectations for the future: from being leaders in Retail technology in the countries where it already operates, the company expects to achieve the same in the European and Asian markets, “without forgetting that the Spanish business fabric has been the company’s main support in recent years”.

The event was attended by Aitor Marcos Collado, Planning and Distribution Director of El Ganso, who confirmed the results obtained after the implementation of Pre-Season software, “benefits that can be seen by any Planner interested in optimizing the sector and improving the performance of their resources”.