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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the number of shops my business have matter?
Yes. Our offer varies depending on the number of shops your business has. In order to optimise the management of your inventory & purchase, it is advisable to have at least 5 physical points of sale (an e-commerce would also serve), although our tool can achieve results with a minimum of 2 physical shops.
What aspects of my business can be optimised by AI?
Management, stock planning, planning of future purchase, and in the near future, sales team management.
How does your solution/algorithm work?
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the collection of information from historical periods, our algorithm creates estimates of the demand for stocks and sales, making it possible to get even more ahead in planning, and improving the results in inventory management. This stock optimisation maximises sales and prevents breakages.The algorithm also plans future purchases, establishing sales and the models/products needed to meet that expected demand.Using the 2 main work modules, the algorithm allows a 360º management of stock and sales.
Which sectors or companies is your solution aimed at?
Our software is mainly aimed at the Retail sector. Within retail we work in many sectors; jewellery & costume jewellery, fashion, sports, appliances, accessories... All kinds of sectors within Retail that do not offer perishable products. Therefore, the only sectors that do not apply are the Pharmacies and Food sector.
In which countries do you have a presence?
Analyticalways currently has a presence in more than 20 countries on 3 continents, and has ambitious expansion plans into new markets in the coming years.
What profiles is the tool aimed at?
Operations managers, demand planners, inventory analysts, supply chain managers, Head of Visual Merchandising, buyers, managers... Every profile in charge of planning, stock management and purchasing in your business, will be able to understand our tool and be able to perform the necessary operations to optimise your inventory and plan future purchases.
I have my own shops, but I also operate through Shop in Shop / Multimarca. Is your tool also useful for this business model?
Yes, since we help you to optimally manage stocks, maximise sales and plan future sales.You only need to have the sales and stock data of these points of sale so that our algorithm takes it into account in its analyses and predictions.
I only sell through 1 physical shop and Amazon/Marketplace. Does your solution also adapt to this type of casuistry?
Yes, although in these cases the algorithm does not develop its maximum potential, as the minimum number of shops we advise to have – 5 stores – is not met.In turn, you must have stock and sales data at both points of sale – physical shop and Marketplace.
My business is a wholesaler/distributor to other shops. Could I apply your solution?
No, unfortunately you must at least two of your own physical points of sale to be able to make recommendations for improvement in inventory planning and management.
Apart from physical shops, I also manage franchises. Could I apply your solution?
Yes, as long as the franchises sends us the sales data and stocks. If we only have the Sell Out, our algorithm will only give partial results.
What is the price of the service?
Our solution adapts to different types of business, so the conditions of the agreement may vary according to type, volume and number of Points of Sale.
How much space does the app take up?
Nothing. ROIvolution is a software that is hosted 100% in the cloud and will not take up space on your usual device.
How long does it take from the time of implementation until it starts to give benefits?
Almost all of our clients have received ROI before completing two months with the implemented solution.
If the app makes all the suggestions, why is a team of consultants necessary?
The Analyticalways Consulting section is an essential complement to ROIvolution. Thanks to our team of expert consultants, we are able to optimally interpret ROIvolution's recommendations. At the end of the day, without the correct understanding of a report or analysis, data is just data.The consulting team will accompany the future client throughout the learning phase, implementation of the tool and its main functionalities and subsequent development / use to achieve the maximum benefit for the client.
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