Optimise stocks, increase profits and dominate the market?:
Nícoli & Analyticalways, a success story

Nícoli has been a revolution in understanding children’s and young people’s fashion in Spain. Fully aware of the impact of innovation on business profitability, they rely on Analyticalways technology to set the course for new practices in managing their Value Chain processes.

From Analyticalways we have put the most appropriate technological tools at your fingertips, creating from the beginning a strategic relationship with a focus on excellence.

The result? Increased profits and increased levels of market competitiveness . We know that a sector leader like Nicoli sets the standard for efficiency.

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Mastering Retail Competitiveness

According to the Purchasing Manager at Nícoli, Fátima Armada, the key to being competitive in this sector lies in the ability to anticipate and respond in an agile way , also having an authentic brand identity, which is already present in each of its products.


For Jesús Herrero, responsible for Planning and Logistics, the Retail challenge is to reduce the surplus of merchandise at the end of the season, achieving higher profits . A goal achieved for Nícoli, thanks to Analyticalways’ technology.


In this history of conquered challenges, Nícoli has also achieved the essential objective of Retail, to which all fashion companies aspire: a greater sale of the product to Full Price, before sales .

"The greatest benefit after the implementation of the tool is an increase in our profitability and a reduction in our costs. We improved our OTB, generated more cash flow and increased our turnover ratio."

Fátima Armada
Purchasing Manager, Nícoli

The right product, the right place, the right time

Analyticalways innovates to put the best technology at the service of successful companies such as Nícoli in the shortest possible time and make sure that this works in the most efficient way. So our customers can anticipate and count on the right product when and where they need it , before the sale happens.

We have a clear mission, to cover all the challenges that Retailer faces in the Stock Management of its day to day with 360º solutions, both during the current season (In-Season) and in the moments of planning before the launch of future collections (Pre-Season).

In our relationship with Nícoli, this mission has been fulfilled : Fátima Armada and Jesús Herrero highlight a clear optimization in the management of their Stocks and the agility and speed with which the Analyticalways tools have been implemented, working in only 30 days at full performance and perfectly.

"In 30 days we were working with the tool perfectly."

Jesús Herrero. Planificación y Logística de Nícoli

Technology that achieves excellence

To achieve excellence in stock management processes is only possible by understanding the business from the moment a collection is planned. As Jesús Herrero, says, “The key to Analyticalways’ success is dedication, experience and business knowledge”.


Analyticalways technology breathes the deep business knowledge provided by our development and consulting teams , experts in providing tailored expertise and making it easy to use each of our tool functionality.

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You can contact us at (+34) 91 737 31 95 or at info@analyticalways.com.

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Features of Stock Management

In this new and necessary reality for the consumer, it maximizes both the visibility and the obligation to have the product available globally, resulting in dramatic inefficiency. Lack of product or circumstances where the customer cannot find what he wants, when he wants it and where he wants it result in lost sales that a fashion retailer cannot afford.

Our Analyticalways technology frees the decision makers of the company from the workload related to the main government KPIs of all its channels as well as from detailed reports. In this way, they are able to maximize the time spent on the processes of data interpretation and implementation of the necessary actions to achieve the planned results.


The Analyticalways Stock Management module helps you:

  • Transfer between stores
  • Simulating Sales with Variable Range of Coverage
  • Promotions and exceptions
  • Seasonality of sales
  • Cannibalization
  • Stock Proposal for New Products
  • Product Mix
  • Merchandising
  • Replenishment of products
  • Stock Management Improvement Proposals
  • Management of new models
  • OTB Open To Buy
  • Suggested Sales

Thanks to Stock Management, based on prescriptive analysis we are able to know the needs of customers in each of the parts of the product life cycle process with the ability to quickly address the Stock Replenishment and Balancing processes that allow improvements in ROI already in the current season..

You also know Merchandise Planning

Thanks to this functionality you will be able to use the technology to move in numerical environments that accompany the creative process. You will be able to conciliar a detailed commercial planning (Commercial Plan) with the analysis of certain patterns of consumption of products in your stores.

Merchandise Planning from Analyticalways helps:

  • Plan sales correctly, taking into account "organic growth", as well as the business expansion plan and new product categories, etc.
  • Cluster stores and segment product sales in order to bring product offerings closer to consumption patterns.
  • Define the ideal number of options to introduce in each campaign for each type of garment and convert it into a detailed assortment per point of sale, in terms of horizontality and depth.
  • Orient the purchase, calculating the quantities necessary to correctly implement the planned assortment and guarantee the target coverage based on the sales forecast.

Consultancy specializing in Retail

Analyticalways, thanks to its team of expert consultants in fashion and retail, knows the situations that retailer faces on a daily basis. We accompany the teams of companies that choose our solutions in all stages from planning to launch, through management of promotions and rebates, replacement and transfers. In this way, the retailer can get a high return on their investment using the functionality of their solutions.

This type of collaboration has become so fluid with our customers that they regard the Analyticalways team as part of their team, thanks to Analyticalways’ closeness, availability, spirit of collaboration and knowledge of the business.