ERP Integration with AI Software

Planning and managing thousands of product data in each of its phases can lead to a loss of time and efficiency in the management of your business. To optimize processes, Analyticalways is committed to ERP integration.

What is an ERP?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business management system that integrates and coordinates all the internal functions and processes of an organization in a single software. It provides a centralized platform to manage and control activities such as finance, accounting, human resources, inventory management, purchasing, sales, production, among others.

The main objective of an ERP is to optimize and automate business processes, improve operational efficiency, increase productivity and facilitate informed decision making.

At Analyticalways we know its potential, that’s why we quickly integrate with your ERP to analyze daily and offer you the best demand predictions.

Why run your business with an ERP?

Managing your inventory with an ERP in the Retail sector has great benefits. As one of its main challenges is stock management, it is necessary to have a balance between supply and demand.

  • Controlling the inventory, times and quantities of each product helps to coordinate teams, and therefore avoids incurring unnecessary costs and storage problems.
  • Having exhaustive control of goods will allow you to track and report more accurately and faster, thus increasing your efficiency. In addition, warehouse costs will be indirectly reduced by improving turnover and priority in replenishment.
  • Synchronization between different departments can shorten logistics times by automating processes.
ERP integration process phases

How do we get your ERP integration?

The process of integrating ROIvolution with your ERP consists of several phases:

Phase 1 Plan, Mapping, Connection, Data validations.

In this first phase we make the connection with your ERP data and start connecting your information with ROIvolution.

In this first phase, Analyticalways’ integration team will work with your team to determine the most efficient way to extract the necessary data for the project (direct connection to the ERP, reading data from an intermediate database, reading data through flat files…).

Once the strategy is established, the information will be validated to ensure that it meets the quality parameters required by Analyticalways.

Phase 2 Tool Implementation

With the connections created and the data validated, Analyticalways’ integrations team will work to implement all the functionalities of the tool with your data and will schedule the daily reloads of the information, as well as a monitoring system that guarantees the correct update of the application.

Phase 3 Training

During this phase, our team of consultants, experts in Retail and ROIvolution, will accompany you throughout the process to offer you recommendations and help you get the most out of AI.

In the training sessions, the consulting team will be in charge of training the future ROIvolutionaries of your business, showing them the interface and the functionalities of the tool.

Phase 4 Parameterizations

In this phase, the consulting team, together with ROIvolution users, will parameterize the tool to accommodate the reality of your business.

Information such as promotions, store groupings, transfer rules, Visual Merchandising… will be included.

Phase 5 Data delivery

Once the tool has been implemented and parameterized, the generated reports (replenishment, transfers and purchases) can be transferred to the ERP automatically.

Frequent doubts about ERP implementation

What are the main problems of data integration with ERP’s?

The main problems in the data integration process are related to the lack of updated data, or the lack of data itself.

If the information is not updated, the software may offer recommendations that do not have the expected performance, so it is advisable to have a control of the inventory information in order to take full advantage of ROIvolution.

Is it possible to integrate ROIvolution with any ERP?

Yes, since the data extraction is done externally, the choice of one or another ERP does not affect the integration with ROIvolution.

How old does the historical data that I send to ROIvolution have to be in order to have accurate demand predictions?

The age of the information we usually ask our users for is 2 years, although a minimum of 1 year would be sufficient to be able to see the performance.

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