We are the future of retail management

We make planners enjoy their day-to-day work


How did Analyticalways come about?

The Retail business has always been plagued by the loss of millions of euros due to unnecessary discounts and excess purchases of products that are not sold.

What do we do at Analyticalways to combat this?

The idea emerged when Amancio Junior, CEO of Analyticalways, united his passion for technology with his passion for Retail to develop a solution that would help Retailers solve the problems they face every day.

The result was ROIvolution, our technological platform based on artificial intelligence that speeds up decision-making during collection planning and stock management as well as at the time of sale. We achieve a direct impact on Cash Flow thanks to the accuracy of our predictions about which product should be in which store and in what quantity. This has helped our customers increase sales by up to 25% and reduce their stocks by up to 40%.

Our Mission

To make Retail more profitable and sustainable.

Our Vision

To be THE solution for the world’s best planners.

Each and every one of our values represents our team philosophy and work ethic.


We constantly strive to exceed expectations, offer our best version and set ourselves challenging goals.


We love our work and this passion drives us to give the best of ourselves every day.


We are committed to progress and change to define the future of Retail management. We look for creative solutions that go one step further and we are constantly reinventing ourselves.


Forming a great team has more value for us than non-collaborative great individual talent. We support others to achieve common goals because together we are stronger.

Commitment to our customers

We admire our customers and strive to ensure that our solutions and services meet their needs and help them achieve their goals. We believe in building lasting relationships rooted in trust.


What we feel for Retailers is pure admiration. Hats off to each and every one of the people who are part of the industry.



We take risks and propose new ideas to respond to a changing environment. We deal with problems, learn from mistakes and celebrate successes.


Our team, the differential value

Technology isn’t everything: Our team and their talent are the keys to our customers’ success.

We are a united, multidisciplinary, innovative and different family, and empathy is our hallmark. Together, we have succeeded in transcending the computer screen to become a genuine member of the teams of Retailers for whom we work.

Each and every one of us who belongs to Analyticalways gives one hundred percent for our customers, and our goal is to enable planners to enjoy their work while achieving great results for their company.

Do you want to be part of this adventure?