Retail consultancy with AI

Our retail consultancy it’s the spearhead of our company. It’s not just about having an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm to help you manage your inventory.

Our team accompanies you throughout the whole process offering you the best recommendations to get the most out of ROIvolution.


Why have a retail consultancy with Artificial Intelligence?

It is made up of experts with years of experience in the retail sector who have first-hand knowledge of the main challenges and inefficiencies in each area of the sector, from operations and purchasing, to replenishment and Visual Merchandising.

What is the mission of Analyticalways Consulting?

To support our clients with advice on the use of ROIvolution, our tool. Training and continuous user follow-up is our most important added value, and our results back us up.

Take control of your inventory with our retail consultancy team

Take control of every aspect of your inventory management with our team of experts.


How our retail consultancy works with your business

  • Each customer has an experienced consultant assigned to them.

  • The consultant will be in charge (once the integration phase with your ERP or stock management system is completed) of training your team of users on our ROIvolution software.

Get your Data integration and parameterizations with our retail consultancy team

Data integration and parameterizations

Learn and train with your assigned retail consultancy expert

Consultant assignment

Formación a tu equipo de Planners

Training of your Planners' team

Improve and get periodic follow-up with our retail consultancy team

Improvement and periodic follow-up

Optimize your performance withthe results commitee of our retail consultancy experts

Results committee

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Continuous follow-up with AI

Once you have completed your training you will be ready to start optimizing your inventory management. Depending on the plan you have purchased, you will have several monthly meetings with the consulting team.

They will be in charge of monitoring your business together with your team, correcting possible inefficiencies, setting goals together and offering you the best recommendations to overcome them.

Why is our retail consultancy team so important to us?

At Analyticalways, consultancy is professionalism, commitment, vocation, excellence in management, and most importantly, dedication to the common goal of each project: to guarantee the return.

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