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Excellence in target management

You can easily manage your sales team’s targets and offer daily suggestions on how to reach them.


We increase the productivity of your sales team

Our solution lets you manage shifts in the stores and create fairer targets using an automatic allocation that takes hours, absence and vacation into account. It also calculates the sales team’s commissions with all the variables which are defined.

Our solution includes an assistant to offer individualised advice to the sales team and guidance on how to approach their next sale in the most profitable way possible.

Aumenta la productividad en la gestión de vendedores Retail de tus tiendas


  • Quantitative and qualitative indicator management: BS, UPT, AV, CR and ideal mix
  • Improvement of your margin by increasing full price sales and avoiding the need to reduce prices.
  • Simplification and optimization of team management: targets, shifts, vacations, etc.
  • Increasing sales through up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Ongoing advice from our consultants.



Quantitative and qualitative indicator management: BS, UPT, AV, CR and ideal mix

The dashboard sets out the main sales management indicators to pin down the current situation and set priorities.


Fair distribution of the budget per salesperson

This allows automatic allocation of budget at the seller level, depending on the hours assigned, the seller category and the potential sales for the period.

Establece objetivos de ventas en tu equipo de gestión de vendedores Retail

Different targets according to salesperson level

The system allows salesperson levels to be parametrized on the basis of their experience or skills, and included in the calculated budget.

Calcula la eficiencia de gestión de vendedores Retail y asigna bonus y recompensas a tus empleados

Commissions and bonuses based on achievement and KPIs

The tool configures, assigns and calculates seller commissions. This commission system can be based on either quantitative or qualitative KPI-driven targets met. The targets can also be for an individual or for a group.

Creación de informes automáticos para la gestión de vendedores Retail y medición de productividad

Creating reports for sales managers

The system generates reports with statistical sales projections based on historical and current trends which facilitate decision-making.


Management of shifts, vacations and absences

Worker schedule management, allowing absences and vacations to be assigned to personnel, facilitating store management and also determining how they impact the sales targets.


Cross-selling analysis

We suggest the purchasing volume necessary to fulfil your OTB planning, enhancing flexibility and reaction time in managing it. You can track budget per model, as well as open orders (continuity).


Analysis and measurement of results

We have a mobile version for the sellers, where they will find a tracking chart showing the continuous monitoring of their targets and the result of their indicators, supported by clear guidelines that will help them to meet these.


Suggestions for the sales team using our Virtual Coach

All the suggestions in our tool are brought by our Virtual coach, which conveys the best decision in terms of ticket-by-ticket sales recommendations to guarantee that sellers meet their targets as efficiently as possible.

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