How can a suggestion improve my sales transaction?

“Don’t give up. To reach your monthly target, in your next sales transaction try to sell €250 and don’t forget that today you need to sell one product of €190.”


106,71 €




49,80 €



Sales until today
3.735 € / 3.000 €

735 €


To monitor your growth trend

2.050 €


  • 1º Mónica González
  • 2º Cristina Valero
  • 3º Ignacio Pérez

Your sales teams working with a personal coach

Know how much you need to sell in your next sales transactions.

Manage your targets while our solutions suggest actions to your salespersons and managers.

Manage your shifts to set the optimum sales targets.

Automatized calculation of commissions and bonus.

"The system proposes transfers between points of sale, allows you to have no stock where it is not sold and have it where there is demand, which provides immediate cost savings"

Berta Ortiz
Data Analysis Manager in Pandora Spain

[…] With Analyticalways Stock Management Solution, we reduced our stock level by 40% and our sales have increased about 15%. This technology allows our team to collaborate in the management process improving the efficiency in our 120 point of sales” […]

Retail Operation Manager Coordinator

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Actions that change your sales trend

Knowing your KPIs is not enough. The salesperson needs a strategic view with a statistical base.

We want to create a sales experience: up-selling, cross-selling, loyalty and a better Mix performance.

Optimize your staff rotation to increase your basket size even during peak hours at your stores.

Gain a dynamic and simplified view of your KPIs. Manage the activity of your whole sales team.

Learn more about usStock Management

Plan your collection, manage new product introductions and your mix, balance stock between stores, create your promotions, etc.

With our B2B, MSS, you will manage the visits made by your sales representatives by giving them goals and suggestions for order proposals on our Retail App.

Focus on the most efficient actions by measuring the results of your future marketing campaigns.

Take control of the display at your stores creating zones to arrange each product inside the VM with one Tablet.