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The solution for Merchandise Planning

How do we determine the ideal breadth and depth to satisfy every customer segment, optimize margins and trim costs?


More Accurate Decisions

Our Pre-Season solution automates collection planning by maximising financial results and customer satisfaction.

When creating a new assortment plan, Pre-Season suggests the best decisions based on machine learning. It also allows you to create different scenarios to simulate the results.



  • Your assortment focused on meeting customer demand, with an ideal number of models in each category.
  • Higher turnover by optimizing the horizontality and depth of the assortment.
  • Reduction of investment in the inventory.
  • More sales with higher margins.
  • Better planner productivity.
  • Ongoing advice from our consultants.


Commercial Planning

Pre-Season allows the commercial budget to be developed automatically in terms of billing and units for the forthcoming seasons and periods and per store. It offers immediate adjustments when any variable changes, top-down and bottom-up parametrization, and the possibility of running comparative scenarios and handling alerts. All this within a collaborative environment.

Deep Clustering

Our tool produces multidimensional segmentation proposals for stores based on customer consumption patterns, thus maximizing the sales potential and the margin on products. You can also generate exceptions using drag-and-drop.

DV Planning

Our automatic purchase order calculation tells you which products the company's total stock (current + pending) cannot meet demand for during the lifecycle, so you can avoid outages.

Assortment Planning

Our solution offers a automatic calculation in terms of assortment/efficiently, distributing the budget by product categories and stores, minimizing both lost sales and over allocation. It also allows partial approvals and/or adjustments in all indicators (Finetunning) to adapt to changes in strategy.

Purchase list

You will have automatic purchase suggestions for each model on the basis of different variables (product market share, commercial commitment, cluster, etc...) as well as the efficient size curve.

Initial allocation

The system offers an automatic calculation of initial allocation for each product and store, optimizing assortment and letting you meet budget. You can work with prepacks or dynamic size curves.

Open To Buy

We suggest the purchasing volume necessary to fulfil your OTB planning, enhancing flexibility and reaction time in managing it. You can track budget per model, as well as open orders (continuity).

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