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logo ROIvolution · The Retail ROIvolution.

An end-to-end solution

We meet the challenges of Retail

We've created a technology platform to make retail management enjoyable, optimizing decision-making in Planning, Stock and Sales Team Management.

Leading the digital transformation

Technology in the service of retail

Predictive algorithms, Machine Learning, AI, business intelligence… are all part of the innovation included in our platform, allowing all repetitive tasks to be eliminated from retail management, so that teams can focus on taking the decisions that increase competitiveness.

Enjoy a user-experience centered design offering intuitive use right from the first moment, flattening the learning curve.


Less effort, better results

A new concept in Pre-Season

Everything you need to plan your collections successfully. Pre-Season will help you manage your purchases, organize your sales and introduce your new models.

You can plan your sales, the deep clustering, the ideal number of models and the assortment of your collection in a collaborative environment.

Moreover, our consultants will advise you in all areas of your commercial planning.

Reduce inventory, increase sales

We optimize the stock in each store

Get ahead of market demand and manage the product lifecycle successfully with our In-Season solution. Its daily suggestions let you have the right stock in each store at all times, eliminating overstocks and lost sales. Achieve perfectly efficient control over all aspects of inventory: replenishment, promotions, sales, balancing, introduction of new items, etc.

Simple KPI-based management

Enhance your sales team's productivity

Get your team to reach its targets by parametrizing all the fundamental KPIs: cross-selling, up-selling, average price, average ticket, units per ticket, etc.

Our solution lets you manage shifts in the stores and create fairer targets, as well as calculating seller commissions automatically.

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